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Collection of zibo lawyer;Show a lawyer、Law firms;Structures, zibo legal service supply and demand of the unified platform;Convenient in zibo area inside and outside lawyers or cooperation between party and zibo lawyer。

We have accumulated rich industry cases and experience


Zibo judicial authentication institutions

Judicial authentication is an important part of legal services。The judicial appraisal report(Opinion)Claims to be“The king of the evidence”,And the result of the litigation rights and interests of the parties play a crucial influence。

This edition piece together the judicature bureau of shandong province and shandong province higher people's court、In zibo area of the types of judicial authentication institutions。Convenient lawyer or the query、Choice。


Four boards listed

Build communication platform between the capital market intermediary service institutions and the business,Promote cooperation agencies。Help more dream of outstanding enterprises listed equity trading center of qilu、The success of landing the capital market!

Qilu equity trading center four board listing through train

Corporate Litigation Dispute and Mediation Center

Company litigation and mediation center

Companies specialized to legal and non-legal dispute resolution、High technical、Complex legal relationship,Involving major party interests,Section is the focus on this platform。

This platform will combine zibo city bar association law、And Internet civil and commercial professional committee of big data,Collection selection in zibo city with rich practical experience、The best professional corporate lawyers,Meet all kinds of consultation company disputes on the parties、Assessments,Overall planning,Use litigation or mediation and other comprehensive measures to maintain the legitimate rights and interests。

Of special major、Complex company law case,This platform will be through“The lounge”In the“Hard case research center”The special channel,Try to consult on the authority of company law scholars in China and in“Expert legal opinion”Form so as to obtain theoretical support and help。


Road Traffic Accident Litigation and Mediation Center

Traffic accident litigation and mediation center

Road traffic accident case involving accident responsibility identification、Disable grade identification、Car accident loss evaluation、Insurance claims、A lawsuit、The arbitration、Mediation, etc,Processing program trival,The professional knowledge and practical experience。This platform will be integrated、Optimization of zibo city professional lawyers in the traffic accident,For the parties in each link to this platform is put forward, such as the above:Communication、Coordination、Consultation、Recommended such as requests for help,Will try my best to the parties to provide whole process、One-stop high-quality service。

About us

We have accumulated rich industry cases and experience

  In the legal services into the era of the Internet today,Zibo finally ushered in the home has its own comprehensive legal services platform!

  The 19th《The report》Is our country into a new era、Raises the new posture、Open a new journey、Written a new chapter in the political declaration and action plan。“The new age、The new position、The new mission”,Legal service industry should keep up with the new development of The Times,Through innovative service mode actively、Adjust the structure of the service for the society to provide more high-quality law service。

  This time,Practitioners of platform service innovation is——Shandong qi law firm。


This platform vision:
  On the one hand,The party get timely and high quality legal service as the highest goal,On the other hand,Zibo lawyers to provide effective diabetes mellitus,Promote professional sense of honor。


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This legal service platform to provide online consulting,Offline services

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