Anyang city yongchang agricultural science and technology co., LTD is a professional engaged in solar greenhouse and the spring and autumn period and the construction of the tunnel、The park planning、PMC sales of high-tech enterprise of agricultural facilities,Was established2005Years,The registered capital300Ten thousand yuan,The existing staff200More than one,Which has all kinds of greenhouse engineering both at home and abroad experts30More than one。Our business mainly concentrated in greenhouse engineering and its supporting facilities construction installation、Park and greenhouse engineering planning and design、Greenhouse reconstruction renovation project、Greenhouse technology consulting and greenhouse materials processing and sales, etc。  We always adhere to the market as the backing、Seek development by innovation、To the quality to win、Based on the user's business philosophy,Adhere to the principle of economical and practical,Through the introduction、Absorption and digestion of advanced technology at home and abroad,Successful launch series suited to the characteristics of the various climate of our country“Turnkey”The greenhouse products。Greenhouse products:The sunlight greenhouse、The spring and autumn period and the tunnel、Energy-saving intelligent in greenhouse、Glass greenhouse、PCBoard of greenhouse、Thin film—PCBoard of greenhouse、Film in greenhouse、 Pipe roof、Ecological restaurant、Landscape greenhouse、Flower market, etc。Form a complete set of equipment: Natural ventilation system、Inside、External shading system、Shade insulation system、Wet curtain∕Fan cooling system、Intelligent automatic control system、The fill light system、A heating system、Irrigation∕Fertilization system, etc。  In recent years,Our products sell well in Beijing、Tianjin、Chongqing、In heilongjiang province、Hebei、Jiangsu、Shanxi、Henan and other provinces、Autonomous region、All the cities and counties,The support of all customers and favor!In order to promote the development of modern facility agriculture in China,Continuously forge ahead,We both at home and abroad well-known manufacturers of greenhouse and henan agricultural university, established a stable、The close study and technical cooperation,Constant innovation,Strives for development,Build a base for greenhouse design and development。To cause the persistent pursuit of professional talent team,Authoritative expert support network,Open channels of information,Is“Yongchang”Company for the majority of users provide all-round quality service guarantee!

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