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Xinghua thousand sails wood industry co., LTD
Xinghua wood industry co., LTD. Is located in the sails of the shuihu cradle,Banqiao hometown,“In zoology”Eastern suburb——The hometown of fish and rice bamboo acquisitive ancient town。My company technical force is abundant,Has six generation of shipbuilding experience,Research and development of alone“Wooden pointed boat”Make up the blank of wooden ship manufacturing industry,Main cruise ships,European wooden boats。Thousand sails wood industry mainly for the domestic large-scale tourist attractions,Activity props planning design,Manufacture and so on a series of a complete set of solutions,A number of customer recognition and support。In recent years, factory implementation without beam european-style wooden manufacturing techniques,The company also developed FRP combined with wood,Not only extend the service life of wooden boats,And convenient for the maintenance of the ship,Some European wooden boats,Tourist boat has also developed to install power system,A variety of technical level the general customers the high praise。Once successively for domestic large hotel,Tourist attractions,The exhibition activities business processing、Custom all kinds of cruise ships,Sightseeing boats,Items ship,Get consistent high praise。Our company manufacture…

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